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Yacht Assistance Photography and Video page

Yacht Assistance is your best contact for all high definition Video, photography, aerial photography, model and fashion photography, yacht interiors, yacht exteriors, running shots, on board shots etc.

Please contact us for all your yachting photography needs or contact directly

info @ MegaYachtPictures.com

Web site: www.MegaYachtPictures.com

or info @ jeanjarreau.com
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We provide also photography and film location scouting and management, production management and logistics to people of the international film, movie and television industry.
We can help with finding locations, accommodations ( villas and properties ), transport ( people, props, materials ) catering, boats, helicopter services, yachts and more.
We have provided all imaginable services over many years to different photographers, tv and film producers, magazine editors and artistic directors.
Please contact us for additional information and quotes.
Some of our customers
Tradewinds TV Series
ABC TV series

Speed 2 Cruise Control with Sandra Bullock
Speed 2 Movie Location shots

Les "Vacances de l'Amour"
Les "Vacances de l'amour" est une série tournée en décors naturels et produite par AB Productions (de 1996 à 1999) et par JLA Productions (2000 à 2004).

Filming in our Oyster Pond office



Hooters & Playboy Photo Shoot 2007
Hooters and Playboy Photo Shoot
Hooters & Playboy Photo Shoot
Hooters Calendar photo shoot
Hooters Calendar shoot 2008
TV production 2009
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